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The real battle begins after you recover

The battle against Covid-19 has been brutal these past six months. While the sword of an untimely death is hanging over most patients some have been fortunate enough to have recovered.

The question rises though, are they safe?

Since the spread of this virus is mainly due to direct contact, even after a patient recovers most remain skeptical of them. An obvious distance is maintained and touch is often avoided. This may affect a patient’s mental health. While a distance should be maintained in the existing scenario, isolating patients more than necessary is ill-advised. The battle after recovery is not only physical but emotional and also mental.

After recovery, the body builds up immunity against the virus for a short period. The patients still go through fatigue and in some cases can get infected again. It has not yet been confirmed if recovered patients are immune to further infection by the virus but in the weakened and recovering stage of the body, one has to be extra careful.

This combined with the emotional stress could affect the patient’s health. Hence, the real battle begins after one recovery and the only cure in hand is to stay happy, relaxed, and safe.

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