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Taking care of eyes: From food to make up

Getting glasses at a young age has become a growing problem among parents. While a decade or so back one would get prescribed with glasses around the age of forty. Now, kids as young as 5-year-old are getting glasses. That too with high power. While in some cases the powers cannot be brought down unless surgically treated others do have hope. Even for those with permanent numbers, there are ways to avoid the powers from increasing.

Cause of increased eye impediments

We all can agree that the increased stress in our eyes is mainly caused by digitization. We spend long hours staring at our phone our laptop screens irrespective of the age. The strain caused to the eye due to digital screens is called digital strain. When we look at a screen for a long time our eye muscles are exhausted due to constant re-adjusting to the changing fonts, text size, and pictures. We do not realize it but notice it in the increasing powers in our glasses or other eye impediments.

Even kids of a very young age have started to rely on mobiles for their pass time. Education going online has not helped this case either. Where education was the one last connection of the next generation to books and the offline world, which also shifted online.

Digitization is not the only cause though. The amount of make and various products used are also responsible to some extent. Earlier kohl was used as eye make-up which cools our eyes hence minimized the damage to the eye. Today the various products used like mascara, eye-liners, eye shadow are damaging your eyes one way or another. In addition to that our diet has become very unhealthy along with an irregular sleeping pattern. Not only had our eyes over-worked and exhausted but also not very well rested. This is causing an increased onset of eye impediments in the younger population.

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How to avoid making it worse?

Our lives are so entangled with the digital world that we cannot stop using it even if we want to. What we can do though is limit our exposure and at the same time maintain a healthy routine. Eye muscles demand heavy nutrition from the body. A balanced diet is essential for maintaining eye health. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and omega 3 are the nutrients our eyes need the most to function well. Including carrots, citrus fruits and fish meat to your diet may help with all three.

At work, one can follow the 20-20-20 rule; after every 20 minutes look away from your screen for 20 minutes at something 20ft away. 20 minutes seem like too much time to spare? The try that for at least 10 minutes. You can also try closing your eyes for at least 35 seconds. It cuts off the image feed completely and you feel refreshed while working with rested eyes. It can be difficult at first. Most forget to blink while staring at a computer screen but after a few days, you will start noticing the difference.

Sleeping well and for sufficient hours also helps in maintaining good eye health. The eyes get the rest they deserve after a long day of staring at digital screens. Sleeping not only rests our eyes but also helps in removing the dirt that has entered our eyes. Hence keeping our eyes clean.

Avoid using heavy eye make up for a prolonged period. We all agree that makeup is nothing but chemicals. Why risk getting chemicals in our eyes and then treat the damage with even more chemicals? The need to want our eyes to stand out or give us a better look is always there but one can always opt for safer or less harmful options like kohl. Staying hydrated is also important for the eyes. The eyes require water for various reasons. Flushing random dust particles out or maintaining the right concentration of fluids in the eyeball. Ever thought why your eyes seem to burn more during summer? That’s because in summer the body requires more water and the water in the eyes is retracted for the same or evaporated by the heat. Staying hydrated would compensate for these losses. The strain felt in the eye can be easily cured by a nap with rose water cotton placed on the eyes. Rosewater helps cool down the eyes and give a temporary respite from the heat in summer.

Despite all the simple home remedies one can practice for eye healthcare we often tend to forget or ignore. We must get our eye check-up periodically to avoid late detection or further serious problems. Talk to a specialist they could help with adapting your lifestyle to healthy eye habits.

Healthcare is not ‘one size fits all’, everybody has different requirements and recognizing those accurately is what a specialist can help you with as well. Just because something worked for someone else does not guarantee it would work for you. The diet and plan need to be tailored for you only then can you see the results of your improved health and healthy eyes.

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