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Don’t let your child fall behind: Handle with care

“If you want your children to grow up to be responsible grown-ups, make sure they are happy & healthy.”

As parents, it is natural to be worried when you see your child falling behind in school, sports, play or any other activities. It worries us, even more, when we can’t discover the reason as to what is making our children so weak. Is it the child’s mental health or any physical health issues, which may be the child can’t express?

Understanding what your kids are going through can be a real tough job. Parents need to make sure that their kids are happy and mentally fit. In today’s world, families are becoming smaller and the workload on the parents is increasing. Not only they have to look after the kids, pack their lunch and send them to school, but also manage their respective jobs. This, in turn, becomes a handful for some parents and they lose themselves in between all the pressure. As a result, they become engulfed in work and can’t give sufficient time to their kids or pay attention to them. This can cause the kids to lack support from their parents, make them unhappy, ultimately leading to them falling behind.

Young kids also suffer from a lot of physical health issues since they don’t possess as much immunity as adults do. This can also result in lagging behind in studies or play, and make them less lively. We all want our children to be healthy, playful and energetic, right?

Let’s check out some tips to make our kids healthy and happy.
  • Some illnesses like chickenpox, cold and flu, intestinal disturbances are very common in children. This is due to low immunity in kids. Ensure that your child is being vaccinated correctly at the right time.
  • Give your children a proper nourishment. Wholesome foods like fruits, green vegetables, vitamins and minerals should be regularly taken by young kids to boost their immunity and growth. Prepare home-made meals for the kids and keep them away from junk food.
  • Put together a balanced diet chart for the youngsters, consisting of a sufficient amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, vitamins and minerals, etc. Consult a pediatric dietician in case you need expert advice in this regard.
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  • Your kids should drink ample amount of water every day. They may need more water than you do since they are so playful! They run around the whole day with their friends and hence use up a lot of energy! This energy must be replenished by their balanced diet.
  • Encourage your children to exercise regularly and also enroll them into yoga classes. Regularly performing yoga will not only build up their immune systems but also contribute to their growth and development. Motivate them to play outdoor games and take them to children’s parks and help them socialize with other kids their age. This will in turn help in the character development of your child and improve their mental health.
  • Refrain your child from using electronic gadgets for a long time. It often occurs that parents who are too busy in their work-life barely make enough time to play with their kids. To keep their kids busy, parents more often than not hand over some electronic gadgets to them and instruct them to play games or watch movies. This results in unwanted long term consequences like bad eyesight, spondylitis, headaches, anxiety and depression, loss of memory, hearing damage, sleep deprivation and impaired concentration.
  • Be friendly and frank with your child. If you see them scoring fewer marks in exams or falling behind in extracurricular activities, don’t straight away start scolding them. Talk to them in a friendly manner and try to know the reason behind the problems. Ask them about the issues they are facing. Listen to and understand what they are saying. Make your home a friendly place for them, so that they don’t start hiding things for you. Discuss with the teachers and know about how they behave in school. Create a strong bond between you and your child so that they happily share their problems with you.
  • Motivate them to follow a healthy routine. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner on time and in adequate quantities is a necessity, especially for children. Make sure they don’t skip meals. This period is a very crucial time for your child to develop immunity and growth. Healthy meals during this time are of utmost importance since the maximum physical growth occurs during this time. Food and exercise are of great essence for both mental and physical development. Also make sure they get enough sleep, at least 8 hours per day. The majority of growth in children take place while they are sleeping, so their sleeping time should never be compromised. Moreover, adequate sleep will help them feel energetic throughout the day and increase their level of concentration, which in turn will enhance their mood.
  • Last but not the least, teach your children good habits. Teach them to talk in a gentle manner, eat and sleep on time, maintain hygiene and enjoy physical activities. Reward them when they follow these habits, but never punish them in a harsh manner. To teach them these habits, you have to follow them too! Kids learn by watching their surroundings, isn’t it? And your child is surrounded by you most of the time!

Now, you must have got a clear idea about how you can prevent your child from getting sick too often. 

If you follow the above steps carefully, it will definitely help you bring up a healthy, hygienic and happy kid!

Consult with our professional dieticians and physicians if you need expert advice in this regard.

Stay Healthy, Stay Connected!!!

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