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In this fast-paced world, we all love everything fast! To deal with the coronavirus pandemic, India needs reliable, accessible & quick doctor consultations. And this is what we bring to you: doctor consultation online with Asia’s best medical doctor network. Our board of highly qualified medical doctor are available 24×7 over secret chat and on live call within minutes. We offer consultation to a wide range of specialties like dermatology, sexology, general medicine, gynecology & more. With this, we also bring to you a universe of health care services, products, medical equipment and more to serve all your medical, health & wellness needs under one umbrella. Explore the Clinqon E-Clinic and book an appointment with the best doctor in India now.

Doctor Consultation
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CLINQON INDIA’s e-CLINIC is a one stop destination for all the health needs of the patient. The company believes in providing the patients with the best possible care. It allows me to reach a larger number of patients than I can in my clinic. It makes the world seem much smaller; no doctor is limited to treating patients in their own city. 

Dr. Rachel Sharma

MBBS, MD, FRCP (Edinburg, UK)

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Ask your health related query
Get in touch with the doctor within 30 minutes
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Access to expert doctors at your fingertips
Fast & Secured response within a short wait time
Premium quality service from the best in the industry
24x7 availability round the year to cater all your needs