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Lockdown & Sexual Health

Sexual health is often overlooked in terms of importance. Whether you are sexually active or not it is important to maintain sexual health. In the lockdown period, a great emphasis has been laid on sanitization and healthcare to prevent the pandemic Covid-19 from spreading. A constant environment of stress and anxiety has been experienced by everyone in these past few months which greatly affected one’s sexual health as well.

Sex during Social Distancing

In the social distancing period finding a partner has become difficult. The rising number of Corona cases has left us thinking twice when inviting someone in our homes, let alone our beds. Before giving in to the need for sex and taking an uncalculated risk, it is easier to go solo. Masturbate. Surf the internet for content that gets you excited and get that much-needed release. Not only does it satisfy your urges but also acts as a stress relief. For those unsure of what to do or what they like during sex this is a good opportunity to explore yourselves.

One could use sex toys or other devices if the need be. There are a lot of websites which offer discrete and safe delivery of these items to your door-step.

Contraceptive Sexual Health

Sex with a partner in Lockdown

While it is normal to want to have sex with your partner, it may be a bit difficult if you don’t live together. By trying to meet physically both of you could get infected by the virus. Instead, you could opt for phone sex or sexting and masturbating to it. If the need to be seeing the other person should arise you can always video call the other to have some phone sex.

This is recommended to those above 18 years of age and with complete consent from each side. If one does not consent, stop right there instead of playing into the pressure put on you by the other.

Those lucky enough to be living with their partners would have different but just as many problems. The current scenario has taken a toll on everyone’s emotional stability. It could cause an increase in sex drive or complete loss of it. One might start having a change in desires. Something that turned them on before may be too overwhelming or just not enough for them. Along with it the balance of work from home, house-hold chores which are usually delegated to a maid and a relationship may be exhausting. It may result in wanting a break from some or all sexual activity. In these cases, the best thing for both you and your partner would be talking to each other. Telling your partner about any change in your desires may avoid any further complications or insecurities in a relationship.

Consulting an Expert

If you are experiencing a change you can’t really pinpoint or find the cause of, consult an expert. We are often not very comfortable with sharing the details of bedroom activities with others but it is better to talk to someone than overthinking about it. Usually, your partner can help but in case they can’t or the lack of a partner, this would be very beneficial. Not only will an expert help you deal with your problems but also reassure that you are not the only one. At times this makes a big difference in the emotional health of a person. Consulting an expert is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s about getting to know you better. It might be a little awkward in the beginning but the outcome would be your better sexual and emotional health. Always remember that “the highest pleasure is only consciousness of freedom from the deepest pain”. It’s time to free yourself from the emotional imbalance due to disturbing sexual health as there will be no one to judge and none to comment.

Speak to the forum experts for more valuable insights. You can also contact our team of doctors online and seek help keeping your details confidential.

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