Unlocking the new normal

It feels almost surreal to write about life after the COVID-19 while we’re all still dealing with the various implications of the pandemic, but, with the announcement of Unlock 5 right around the corner it seems essential to understand what exactly the new normal would entail.

Once we return to normal, all of us will be faced with many changes like the shutdown of our favorite restaurants, cafes right down to our inability to hug someone in greeting. Every time we leave the house we will be plagued with worry about the risks but it is important to follow all the social distancing guidelines and make use of masks at all times in social situations.

While all of us will face small changes but for many of us the changes we faced with will be much bigger. The enormous amount of financial and economic instability and uncertainty arising out of the lack of job opportunities, large scale layoffs in companies etc. may leave us all questioning how safe is the world we’re living in.

Despite the challenges we’re faced with it is important to take things slow and invest time in rebuilding the connections. The most important thing to remember is that we’re all in this TOGETHER.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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