Baidyanath Vansaar Isabgol – Psyllium Husk Powder – 200gm | Effectively Relieves Constipation | Fibre Supplement for Digestion


HELPS REGULARISE BOWEL MOVEMENTS: Isabgol is considered as an age old remedy for healthy bowel movements. Baidyanath Isabgol helps relieve constipation and digestive distress.

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Baidyanath lsabgol (often referred to as Psyllium husk) is a natural vegetable product derived from the upper coating of Plantago Ovata seeds after through milling, sieving, and winnowing. Isabgol helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract and relieves constipation and digestive distress. Baidyanath uses specially selected lsabgol seeds to ensure only the best quality psyllium husk is produced. This is a rich source of fibre and is gluten-free.

HELPS REGULARISE BOWEL MOVEMENTS: Isabgol is thought of as as an age old treatment for healthy bowel movements. Baidyanath Isabgol helps relieve constipation and digestive distress. It helps flush toxins from the digestive tract which not directly helps in improved digestion and weight loss. Isabgol is known as Plantago Ovata seeds which undergo milling, thorough sieving and winnowing to produce this herbal product. Regular intake of Baidyanath Isabgol may help improve your digestive system
ACTS AS A DIGESTIVE: Because of its laxative properties, Baidyanath Isabgol helps ease bowel movements and helps relieve bloating which is a common problem where your stomach swells up forming gas which doesn’t allow the digestive enzymes to work properly. Isabgol is known to improve the rectal muscles, relieve flatulence and give your stomach a much-needed cleanse. Isabgol is a great source of fibre which is absolutely gluten-free
HELPS WITH WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Regular consumption of Isabgol may aid the secretion of cholecystokinin, a hormone that immediately pokes the brain to signal a feeling of fullness in your stomach. This process keeps you satiated and helps keep an eye on mid-meal cravings. It is also known to help release excess urea of the body and combat acidity and acid reflux. Baidyanath Isabgol is protected for consumption for all adults
QUALITY ASSURANCE AND CERTIFICATION: With all the goodness of nature, Baidyanath Isabgol is a GMP certified product which is absolutely protected and effective for all age-groups. Psyllium Husk is a naturally healthy solution to combat digestive distress. Consume 5-10 gm of Baidyanath Isabgol at the side of water, milk, fruit juice, curd, lassi or any healthy beverage of your choice
100-YEAR LEGACY WITH UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY: Isabgol is a natural vegetable product derived from Plantago Ovata seeds thus, making it vegan and is also gluten free. We pour our 100 years of knowledge and skill in making our products. Container type: Packet. Allergen information: allergen_free

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