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The blood glucose monitor system helps you control your blood glucose level and helps you to reach your target blood sugar level. Now, you don’t have to worry about diabetes anymore because this blood glucose meter gives you the most accurate blood glucose measurements! This active Glucometer fulfils the standards set by ISO 15197:2013. This device is extremely easy to use and comes in a small size which is easy to carry. It has a memory of 500 test results and you can view the test average for up to 90 days. Now you get expert advice in diabetes diet, exercise and medication!


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Accurate blood glucose measurement – This blood glucose measurement kit tests your diabetes accurately and follows the standards set by ISO 15197:2013.

Easy to use – The device is very easy to use and small in size which helps you to carry it everywhere! It comes with many powerful features which makes the blood glucose monitoring process easy and efficient.

No set-up required – The active blood glucose meter is easy to use as it does not require any code chip for coding the meter. Just apply a small blood sample and read your blood glucose results instantly on the large display.

Convenient display – The device comes with a sleek and modern design and a large display screen.

Two-button intuitive handling – With only two buttons to operate, it is an easy to handle device.

Visual double check – To ensure accurate blood glucose measurement, it allows you to double check the displayed results. Match color codes to assure result accuracy.

8-seconds redoes option – If you provide insufficient blood, it gives you approximately an 8-seconds window to redoes it.

Pre and post meal markers – The device provides you with a pre and post-meal flagging to differentiate the measured glucose level before and after the meal.

Memory– The meter automatically stores at least 500 test results in the memory and you can view the test results up to 90 days. To view stored blood glucose results, you can transfer them to a compatible software application. It has an USB interface for data transfer.

Measuring interval– 10-600 mg/dL

Post-prandial reminder – The device also gives you a post-prandial reminder (visual and audio) which reminds you to test 2 hours after eating.


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