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Hand Sanitizer

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The instant alcohol based hand-sanitizer contains 70% isopropyl alcohol that removes 99.9% germs without having any harsh reactions on your skin. It is non-sticky and spreads easily on the entire surface. It feels smooth on the skin, does not cause any irritation or dryness, is absolutely gentle and comes with a feeling of freshness! Non-toxic and suitable for users of any age or skin type. Small quantity is required for each use. Can be used on skin as well as on furniture surfaces, doorknobs, computers, smartphones, and other places. Recommended for use before meals, while travelling, or at workplace. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Not for internal consumption.


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Instant Hand Sanitizer – The Instant Hand Sanitizer is a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol based palm cleanser that removes germs from your hands to keep you safe from all kinds of infection-causing possibilities both indoor and outdoor.

Non-sticky and safe – You don’t need to wash your hands after using the sanitizer since it does not give any sticky feeling on your skin. No need to keep water and soap with you anymore! Disinfect your hands and all other surfaces quickly with this sanitizer. It is free from any ingredients that may be potentially harmful to your skin.

Long lasting protection – It gives you a long lasting protection from disease causing substances. No need to apply the sanitizer too often. It is a 70%+ w/v Isopropyl alcohol based concentrated formula so a little bottle will go a long way for you!

For all purposes and places – Use it on your hands, on your skin, to sanitize furniture surfaces, computers, laptops and smartphones, doorknobs and other exposed places. Ideal for use at hospitals, schools, colleges, offices and all public places. Can be used anywhere you need the most.

Directions for use – Includes a convenient flip-cap to protect your personal items from leaks, spills or drops. Use an appropriate amount (2-3 ml) of hand sanitizer to moisten your palm and rub your hands for 10-15 seconds. Rub between the fingers, both sides of your hands, nails and wrists. Let the liquid dry. Do not wash your hands with water after using sanitizer.

Pocket friendly. Boosts your immune system.

Carry it with you wherever you go to save yourself and your loved ones from potentially harmful germs.

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