Infrared Thermometer


Infrared Thermometer


About the Product

INFRARED THERMOMETER – Equipped with the latest advanced infrared technology. Also, it allows temperature measurement from a small distance without contact with the object to be measured and just within 1 second.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Features large-screen LCD, with backlight, are often clearly displayed under any light and detect fever safely. Features power management intelligent shutdown. Also, it shows color warnings.
  • HYGIENIC & SAFE: It helps in maintaining hygiene and safety because it is a contactless thermometer.
  • MEMORY – You may store readings. This FDA thermometer measures temperature in Celsius (℃) also as Fahrenheit (°F) measuring units.
  • ACCURATE – Max allowable error – 0.2℃ within the range of (35℃ – 42℃) 0.3℃ outside the range of (35℃ – 42℃).
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.


crafted in India, serving Global needs

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Infrared thermometer measures temperature from some thermal radiation which is called blackbody radiation emitted by an object being measured. They’re also known as laser thermometers, as a laser used for helping to aim the thermometer. A non-contact thermometer is used for describing the device’s ability to measure temperature from a distance.


  • Press start for measuring the temperature and a loud beep will notify you when it’s done.
  • The digital thermometer features a 3-color backlight. When it detects heat, it flashes the red backlight display and a sound alarm function.
  • It will automatically turn off for reducing battery power consumption.

TO SET THE RANGE FROM °C TO °F, Press the most switch of the thermometer, it’ll get on, press SET button for 1 sec, then it’ll show F1 then press ▼ button meter will show °F then press SET button again till the display is OFF. Now °F is ready.


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