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OXY 99


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OXY99 portable oxygen can is beneficial for 66 million COPD patients as it is easy to handle and use. The oxygen can have a very light-weight of about just 120 grams. The oxygen is packaged inside a portable can which contains 99% pure medical-grade oxygen which has about 150 inhalations.

Benefits of OXY99 portable oxygen can:

  • Provides immediate relief as a primary first aid in emergency cases.
  • Helps to get over breathlessness caused by pollution, smoking, stale air, poorly ventilated rooms, high altitude, etc.
  • Helps in instantly regaining energy and mental focus after long and stressful working hours, hangovers, and sleepless nights.
  • Useful if affected by lung disorders or respiratory diseases including asthma, COPD, etc.
  • Improves breathing and recovery fitness during fitness workouts, increases athletic sports performance, and increases protein absorption within the body.


crafted in India, serving Global needs

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OXY99 Pure Oxygen is Lightweight Portable Can developed together with ING. L. & A. Boschi of Italy .In this, Oxygen for private use is packaged inside a 500 ml OXY99 can which is comprised of 6 liters of pure natural oxygen. Also, through this, the world has got easy accessibility to pure natural oxygen.


OXY99 Can is fitted with ergonomically Built-In mask and Trigger system for simple use. OXY99 instantly helps in increasing oxygen levels within the body and therefore helps in restoring brain and body functions to the normal state. It’s safe and simple to use oxygen inside the can. By using just 5 to 6 short bursts of oxygen, it helps through conditions resulting from low oxygen levels within the body.


Oxygen for pollution

OXY99 oxygen cans are proven effective for combating the negative effects of pollution, smoking, and off-air which has become the most important cause for low oxygen levels in our crowded and polluted cities.

Oxygen for Sports & Fitness

OXY99 oxygen in portable easy to use can is good for recovery after intensive sports activities or a tiring session at the gym.

Oxygen for Altitude

When visiting high-altitude destinations in mountainous areas where the oxygen level within the air is low, you’ll feel dizzy and nauseous as there is a shortage of oxygen. You can be prepared with the help of OXY99 oxygen for enhancing oxygen level to extend the oxygen levels in your body and overcoming the consequences of high altitude.

Oxygen for Energy & Vitality

OXY99 oxygen helps in eliminating fatigue by increasing energy, endurance, stamina, and strengthening immunity especially in old people because as we get older our cells lose the power to hold oxygen. It offers a one-stop solution for all types of conditions having their origin in oxygen deprivation.

ISBN: 9780813599489


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