Pharma Science Muscle Mass Gainer Supplement Powder for Men & Women

  1. Enriched with precious herbs it works wonders to improve resistance power and stamina.
  2. Besides gaining balance muscle mass and proper weight, it works to reduce unhealthy fat percentage.
  3. Presence of exclusive Ayurvedic herbs makes it rich in several micro and macro nutrients thus eradicating calcium, vitamins and hemoglobin deficiency.
  4. The weight gained with this energy body booster is healthy and sustainable.
  5. it also works miraculously to improve brain and neurological functions, reduce stress, improve eyesight and boost metabolism.
  6. the weight and muscle mass gain are quick and assured. within a few days, you can observe a change in your body and improvement in your stamina and resistance level.
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Sportspersons involved in sports like weightlifting, bodybuilding, athletics, or mixed martial arts require perfect muscle mass and the least fat gain. Body Booster is a phenomenal Ayurvedic body booster supplement That helps in Muscle mass gain and weight gain while shrinking the percentage of excess body fat. Constituted of pure and exclusive herbs, this supplement increases stamina, improves athletic performance, and provides essential vitamins, calcium, and hemoglobin.

When we speak of a sports person, the first image conjures of a person with good muscles, balanced body mass, and superb stamina. Yet gaining proper muscles and body mass can be a very challenging task for many people. The answer lies in a good energy body booster supplement like Body booster. it is a trademark, GMP, halal, and vegetarian-certified product, which is composed solely of ancient precious herbs and works multi-fold to improve muscle mass and overall health. Unlike the common weight gain products flooding the market, this Ayurvedic body booster supplement  Is completely chemical-free And has no side effects. With Body Booster one can expect 100% results, perfect muscle mass gain, weight gain, better metabolism, and improved stamina.  Various herbs used to compose body booster work multidimensional to improve overall body system and general health

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Pharma Science The Indian Ayurveda

The hypothesis of “Pharmascience-The Indian Ayurveda” was done by our Founder in 2006. After that, he took a 10-years long time for Detailed Research & Development of each and every product with strategic planning for market; then finally “Pharmascience-The Indian Ayurveda” registered under AYUSH ministry in 2016. Pharma science is one of India’s leading brands that purely deals in Ayurvedic products. which is a Trademark company & fastest growing in the ayurvedic health industry in India. Behind this the companies ethical business strategy and quality of products which reflects customer satisfaction priorities. There is a wide range of products developed by the company and is distributed all over India. Most of the company’s products are ISO/GMP & Halal certified.

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