PPE Suit

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The PPE suit set comes with a breathable and skin-friendly fabric certified by SITRA LAB and can be worn for a long time without any irritation or harshness on your skin. It is light-weight and comfortable, easy to put on and take off, has elastics at wrists, ankles and waist for a tighter fit. It protects your clothing and skin, has an additional anti-microbial coating for extra safety. The set includes hand gloves, 3 ply mask, goggles, coverall, garbage bag, shoe cover and head cover. Comes with a hygienic packaging.

The Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is a specially designed medical protective gear to save yourself from harmful infectious pathogens. It prevents any contact with body fluids and other infectious agents. It is made with good quality material and is impermeable.

Perfect for use for doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, caretakers, or any other person in need to protect themselves if in close proximity.

The kit contains a pair of protective goggles, 3 ply mask, full bodysuit, protective head cover, garbage bag, shoe cover and nitrile gloves.

Protective goggles – These are disposable and fog-safe goggles that also has accommodation for prescription glasses. These are clear and have indirect venting to reduce fogging.

3 ply mask – These are disposable surgical masks with 3 layers and provides high filtration to bacteria, viruses and other pathological agents by restricting the entry or exit of droplets or aerosols. Flexible, elastic and can be worn for a long time.

Full bodysuit – It is designed to protect the whole body. It is free size and disposable. Presence of elastic on wrists, ankles and waist for perfect fit. Protects the clothing and skin. Breathable and skin-friendly fabric certified by SITRA LAB. Can be worn for longer hours without any irritation or harshness on skin.

Protective head cover – Disposable, made from breathable polypropylene material. Has an elastic for perfect fit. Soft, light-weight and comfortable for use. Keeps hair neat and tidy. Prevents hair from falling.

Shoe cover – It is made from disposable material and has an elastic closure on the ankles for a perfect fit.

Nitrile gloves – Easy to wear, disposable and non-sterile. Fits perfectly on your hands.


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