Pulse Oximeter


Pulse Oximeter


About the Product

Pulse Oximeter quickly and accurately measures the pulse and spO2 blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels. It also determines the blood oxygen saturation levels accurately. It gives fast spO2 readings, pulse measurements, and displays it conveniently on a large digital bright led display.

The Oxygen monitor has a detailed LED display on which we can clearly read the results, can read in multiple directions.

Portable and Lightweight: The small size of the oximeter makes it easy for you to hold and carry anywhere you go.

Accurate reliable measurements: Pulse Oximeter determines your blood oxygen saturation level (spO2), respiratory rate, pulse accurately.

  • The device is for all ages because it adjusts for small to large fingers.
  • Measures oxygen in blood with accuracy.
  • Low power consumption.


crafted in India, serving Global needs

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The pulse monitor is simple to use and has an efficient one button operation. The spO2 Sensor can check and display in real-time spO2, Pulse bar graph which great for checking your pulse strength.

Light Weight, Compact & Long Battery Life.

Reliable & accurate: This spO2 Pulse Oximeter isn’t only durable but will have readings that are reliable and accurate.

Oxygen Saturation, pulse & Perfusion Index.

Suitable for all ages: Our oxygen saturation finger monitor is often used as a pediatric pulse oximeter for children and youngsters also as a blood oxygen monitor for adults.

Batteries not included.

How to check the accuracy of your measurement?

Moving too fast will affect the accuracy; try and stay still while checking your reading.

Avoid nail enamel or long nails on the finger used for the reading. Fingers shouldn’t be wet in any case.

Ring, middle and index finger are recommended as suitable monitor position.


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