UV Sterilization Box


UV Sterilization Box


About the Product

UV Sterilization Box: With a strong UV-C lamp, neutralizes microorganisms within 5 minutes. The UV-C light can kill the microorganisms that hide where even cleaning wipes can’t reach. Protect yourself and people closest to you by sterilizing your phone regularly.

  • Eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria in about 3 mins: UV Sterilization Box even kills the microorganisms hidden in crevices.
  • No extra liquid, chemical or heat is needed, simply insert the phone or other small items and disinfect them quickly.
  • Useful for sterilizing other small household items like cash, spoons, watches, MasterCard, keys, pens, etc.

Portable, easy to use, powered by a USB cable: UV Sterilization Box is lightweight, extremely easy to use with press button sterilizing. It’s powered by a USB cable, thus can even be used with a power bank if you’re anywhere outside the home.

Product Type UV Sterilization Box
 Use Disinfect mobile phone, mask, currency note, makeup accessories, mobile accessories, etc.
Power Requirement 5V / 2A
Charge Time 1 Hr.
Power Source DC
Power Output 10 W


crafted in India, serving Global needs

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The bacteria on your mobile phone are much more as compared to your toilet flush button, in this time of super spreading viruses, it is important to sterilize your smartphone. UV sterilizing box uses UV light and kills 99% microorganisms from the surface of your cell phone. So, you can disinfect your Phone and also any small household item like keys, cash, credit card, spoons by using this UV sterilizing box.

  • EASY TO USE: The compact design makes it easy to take to carry wherever you go. You just have to plug it into the USB cable, then keep the items into the internal chamber, close the lid, then press and hold the button for one second to start sterilizing.
  • SAFE DESIGN: Dual UV light bulbs do complete sanitizing. A fully enclosed design, will not leak ultraviolet light. No liquid or chemical is used, safe to sanitize anything that fits inside!

The sterilizer case can also work great with a toothbrush, jewelry, makeup brushes, watches, keys, earphones, and other small handy items.


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