Tobacco Dependence and the Pandemic

The abuse of tobacco is one of the primary causes of early death and about 5 million deaths take place every year due to nicotine dependence. Amidst this, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the respiratory systems of millions of victims worldwide, the most common symptoms being fever and dry cough.

So, how is the pandemic related to tobacco use?

According to the WHO, tobacco smokers may be more vulnerable to the virus, as it involves the contact between hands and lips. The virus enters our body through our nose and mouth, and smoking increases the chances of transmission.

Tobacco smoking reduces lung capacity and makes the smoker more prone to the virus. Research suggests that smokers are at a higher risk of contracting the virus and face severe outcomes than non-smokers.

Smoking also affects the immune system of the body which may lead to a hike in the chances of infection.

The best safety measures we can take in the middle of the pandemic are increasing our immunity. With thousands of new covid cases adding up every day, we should remember that “Health is Wealth” and we should not take it for granted!

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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