Carbohydrate Control Supplement

Carbohydrate Control Supplement

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AS-IT-IS 100% Pure Carb | Carbohydrates for Weight Gain- 2kg

Sold By : Mediciner

100% PURE CARB/ 3rd PARTY LAB-TESTED: AS-IT-IS Pure Carb is a dietary supplement made from 100% maltodextrin, which a polysaccharide (number of simple sugars connected together) produced from non-GMO corn. The pure carb is produced from the enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch followed by purification and spray drying. The resulting white powder is of high purity, free of soy, dairy, yeast, flavour or any other additives and has been 3rd party lab-tested for assurance on the same.
MALTODEXTRIN IS A GREAT CARB SOURCE: Maltodextrin holds an upper hand when compared to other carb sources because of its glycemic index (GI- the measure of how quickly a food source raises blood sugar and hence insulin levels). While monosaccharides like fructose, sucrose and dextrose are good sources of carbs, their glycemic rate is less than that of maltodextrin, which means they may not be digested quickly and does not raise insulin levels to any great degree.
HELP REPLENISH GLYCOGEN STORES: In the recovery mode, your body tries to replace the carbohydrates that have been depleted or used up. Consumption of high GI foods like maltodextrin during this period helps to replenish muscles glycogen stores quickly. The pure carb will result in a quick energy boost and ideal level of insulin boost to maximize the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream into the muscle cells. With the extra boost of energy, maltodextrin helps to improve endurance.

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Divya Shree Moringa Capsule – Use For Impaired Cell Metabolism, Stomach Disorders, Arthritis, Rheumatoid by Jeevan Care Ayurveda


Moringa can help stabilise blood glucose levels
It may provide anti-inflammatory support
It can help boost the metabolism of the body
It may support healthy joints and immune system

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Divya NoniNoni, Ayurveda, herbal remedy for strengthen the immune system, herbal remedy for arthritis relief, herbal supplement for antioxidant, anti allergic, buy ayurvedic medicine online, Wellness

Divya Shree Noni Capsule Prevents Arthritis | Improves Skin Help To Lipid Profiles, Extract Dietary Supplement – 60 Capsules – Jeevan Care Ayurveda


Reduces inflammation
Helps with Female problems
Helps maintain healthy skin
Supports cardiovascular health
It has anti-ageing and anti-arthritic propertie
It promotes a healthy digestive and immune system
Provides relief from joint pain, muscle pain and stiffness
Helps reduce stomach bloating and constipation
Helps with infections of the kidney, bladder, or urethra
Noni is rich in antioxidants that can improve immunity

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Nutrela Diabetic Care Protein Powder

Nutrela Diabetic Care Protein Powder | Nutritional Health Drink for Diabetes & Weight Control – 400 gm

Sold By : Mediciner

Scientifically Designed Protein for Diabetics as per ESPN Guidelines to meet 100% RDA requirements
Low GI Formula : Helps managing blood sugar levels and support weight management
AUTHENTIC – Scan the QR code for Nutrela Sandesh and check hologram for authenticity.

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Oxin Nutrition Carbs

Oxin Nutrition Carbs | Pure Carbohydrates | Mass & Weight Gain | 1kg Pack

Sold By : Mediciner

THE ORANGE TWIST: Oxin Nutrition Carbs Orange Flavor is carbohydrates releasing supplement and provides instant energy to balance the blood glucose levels.
WHEN TO TAKE: The refreshing Orange Flavored Oxin Nutrition Carbs supplement can be taken in-between workout or post workout to keep the energy levels brimming.
WHY CARBS: Oxin Nutrition Carbs Contains quality sources of carbohydrates, superior than sugar. Which is a Glycogen Replenisher.

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