FIJ AYURVEDA Power Shilajit / Shilajeet Capsule for Vigor & Vitality – 500mg 60 Capsule


Dosage: It is recommended to take one Raw Shilajit capsules, two times a day, after meals with a glass of lukewarm water or milk or as directed by your healthcare professional.



FIJ AYURVEDA Shilajit drugs is crafted from purified shilajit and is scientifically tested to be secure to be used. Food Preference : Vegetarian

FIJ AYURVEDA Shilajit is an Ayurvedic formulation which is right for improving strength & stamina while reducing stress.

Shilajit Capsules performance enhancing and muscle growth capsules are organic, highly effective & may contribute towards a better lifestyle.

Purified Shilajit has been studied to help improve the levels of baseline testosterone and free testosterone.

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Weight 50 g

Fij Ayurveda

FIJ AYURVEDA is a leading brand of Ayurvedic products. We deal in Pure Shilajit Resin, Shilajit Capsules, Shilajit Liquid, Premium quality (Saffron) Kesar, Ashwagandha capsules, Immunity Boosters etc. At FIJ AYURVEDA we stand by our resolution to provide our customers with products made from high quality ingredients. FIJ AYURVEDA brings to you trusted and high quality creations, designed to deliver the best cure and effective treatment to promote a healthy body, a stimulated mind and to help you ‘ Balance your Life

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