Bella Vita Organic Vitamin C Face Wash for Oily to Normal Skin, Hydration, Brightening


Made with natural ingredients, the Vitamin C Face Wash gives your face a natural glow. Apart from giving your skin a deep cleansing, it controls excess oil secretion, de-tans, and also helps to brighten skin as well as an even skin tone. It also deep cleanses your pores and skin from dirt, pollution & dead skin cells.
C Glow Face Wash is completely sulfate & paraben free which helps you deal with skin concerns from within without causing any further damage. It is the best face wash for those whose skin is exposed to dirt and pollution every day.

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Pampering your skin begins with caring for it. And, the most essential and primary step in skincare is cleansing – with an all-rounder face wash, of course. To assist you in achieving a healthy skin, Bella Vita Organic brings you its mind-boggling, multifaceted vitamin c face wash. For addressing the variety of concerns like acne, collagen levels, pigmentation, blemishes, skin elasticity and tanning a few of the others, this vitamin c rich sanitizing face wash is the right choice for all skin types. With vital natural ingredients of coffee beans, neem and mint, the easy-to-use formulation helps battle against breakouts, balances the oil and sebum content of your skin and minimizes pores and fine lines. Additionally, it also unclogs the skin pores. The non-drying ayurvedic face wash evens out your skin tone and provides you soft, glowing and clear skin. Already a fan favourite, it efficiently cleanses your skin of any bacteria present. Say no to acne and the resultant scars with our bestselling face wash. Hurry! Grab your Bella Vita Organic vitamin c face wash and experience the difference! It is indeed your best bet against all skin concerns, even skin tanning, for that matter. Benefits – cleanses your skin of impurities and bacteria. – boosts skin collagen levels. – enhances the freshness of your face. – deep-cleanses your skin. – battles against acne, scars, blemishes, pigmentation, fine lines. – minimizes skin pores and unclogs them. – brightens your skin and removes tan. – slows down the skin-ageing process. – ensures nourished and moisturized skin.

C Glow Face Wash is completely sulfate & paraben free which helps you take care of skin concerns from within without causing any more damage. It is the best face wash for those whose skin is exposed to dirt and pollution on a daily basis.
This face wash is infused with the goodness of 100% natural and pure vitamin C, lemon, coffee, and sandalwood and several other healing and nourishing ingredients such as neem and honey which target almost every dead skin cell, fight pigmentation, and also reduces the occurrence of dark spots.

How to use: The use of this face wash is simple and complete in 3 simple steps. Just squeeze the face wash onto your palms and apply it on your wet face. Gently massage in circular motion to create lather. And rinse well with water before you pat dry with a soft towel.
This can be utilized by adults of all ages and all genders. And its regular usage let you make your skin clean, clear, and glowing from the first use itself and feel fresh every time without ripping it off the natural oils and nourishment.

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