Pharma Science Stone Crusher Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone (Powder) – Pack of 1


Fortified with the power of very potent herbs, Stone Crusher is the best Ayurvedic kidney stone medicine which effectively removes kidney stone in a very short span of time, without any side effects and without any surgical procedure.

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Kidney Stone, renal stone, or Urolithiasis, is one of the most prevalent urological disorders impacting all age groups alike. Kidney stone refers to the formation of small mineral deposits in the urinary system ( kidney, ureter, and bladder), triggering intense abdominal pain, and obstruction in the urinary flow. Stone crusher is an incomparable Ayurvedic kidney stone medicine that works on the principles of Ayurveda to eradicate kidney stones effectively, easily, and painlessly. Stone crusher is an Ayurvedic formulation composed of precious and rare herbs which work towards holistic healing of the body.

Kidney stones are formed due to the crystallization of salts and minerals in the urinary tract. these crystals solidify to form small stones or small crystals blocking the urinary tract and as a result, block the urinary flow. this can lead to intense pain, severe discomfort, and in acute cases, bleeding. Kidneys are very vital organs of our body that perform the essential task of removing excess fluid and toxins. any blockage in the normal working of the kidney can lead to serious and even fatal medical disorders.

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