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Clinqon India journey begins: From a room to the hearts of million


“If you’re going through hell, keep going”

True indeed. There is no other way because leaving the battle ground was never an option. Some, 10 years back, we had sci-fi movies on the year 2020, portraying the vision of technologically advanced world full of robots and flying cars! But, as nature took its course, we were left locked up in the cages of concrete made by us.

2020 started with the threat of a viral disease that affected the Wuhan city of China and gradually started spreading to become the pandemic which the world has never encountered before. We kept on claiming that we are advanced enough to handle everything. On the other hand, the invisible enemy took heavy toll on millions of lives. Surviving the pandemic became the challenging task.

We stayed in homes to avoid the spread and break the chain. Many lost jobs and many lost hope of getting jobs. Career visions and dreams became blurred. Strained finance, loneliness and negative vibes were all prevalent, along with fear of losing dear ones due to covid-19.

Don’t worry about failure, you have to be right once

“Any time is a good time to start a company.”

And this was the best time as there was nothing else to do.

So, gear up for the new venture. But, the reality hit hard: Ideas are easy, but implementation is hard.

The first idea was to launch an online delivery service of covid-19 essential products. This was started with a hope of helping near and dear ones with the essential products as they were getting out of stock very quickly and the prices were not capped. This would, in turn, help us earn some incentives. Business is about profit as well! Quite a common idea it was. So the competition was high. Yet, initially, there was good response. This was mainly because of two reasons: 

1) The quality of the products was good and the delivery was quite fast
2) There was a trust factor that worked

A ray of hope came. Each morning felt like a new beginning, a new challenge. Everyday new ideas came and new ways of implementation were discussed. People saw it as a fling, but it is just the first chapter of the book.


“Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.”
All together

So, on your mark and go. The naming of the company was no less than a ceremony. Hundreds of suggestions came in. Finally, we settled upon the one: CLINQON INDIA. The word “Clinqon” can be thought of as combination of two words “clinic” and “online”. The idea was to develop a company which would deliver all kinds of healthcare products online.

Well, the competition was quite tough. Being an amateur, it was quite difficult to develop an interface interactive enough for people to trust and engage.

“Trust your instincts.”
And, that’s what kept us going.


A lot of research has brought us to this conclusion.

To serve the population of 1.38 billion, approximately only 7.91 Lakh registered doctors are there in our country. As we saw during the pandemic medically advanced countries like Italy could quarantine only 25% of the country’s population within days. In a country like India, if we have to send around 20 percent of the population to institutional quarantine, the number would be approximately 277 million people.

To bridge the gap between the doctor, the hospital, the pharmacy, the healthcare device store and the customer, we have come up with a one stop healthcare solution where all your needs from the best brands in healthcare would be available under one umbrella.

Earlier, online doctor consultancy meant only for hidden diseases and unwanted pregnancy but the pandemic has shown us, how the doctors are tracking corona virus patients at home through video conferencing and telephonic processes.

68 days nation-wide lockdown in the country showed why everything online is the way forward.

To start off, we have various service available for the customer like the online medicine service, online doctor’s consultancy, a store full of all your covid essential needs. We also have services from our partners in the sector of wellness, ayurveda, homeopathy, nutrition supplements, healthcare devices and more.

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