Vaccine for India

Vaccine: A barrier to nature’s threat

The world would have been so peaceful if there were no diseases or illnesses. But, Alas! Nature plays its song. It gives humanity something to fight for, to live for or to hope for. Smallpox was one such product from nature.

It is believed to have originated in Egypt or India around 3000 years ago and its first evidence was traced in 1157 BC. It was a devastating disease caused by the variola virus and roughly 30% of human lives were lost during the pandemic. Luckily, it’s eradicated now.

The first vaccination of cowpox was discovered when cows got their vaccination of cowpox and became highly resistant to smallpox.  Dr Waterhouse administrated this vaccine to his son for the prevention of smallpox on the 8th of July 1800.

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And now, in the 21st Century, we see similar destruction by the coronavirus where already more than 39 Lac lives have been lost. Fortunately, researchers have successfully found a remedy, “COVID VACCINE”. India has already administered over 4% of people with 2 doses and 19% of people with the first dose of the vaccine.

Though various movements to aware commoners of the ‘need for vaccination‘ have started, we do not feel that’s enough to serve a country with a population of around 140 Crores. And thus, to celebrate the first dose of smallpox vaccine more than two centuries ago and to encourage the government and the NGO’s to increase vaccination for India drives in economically backward areas, we bring to you our annual global event, “MAS-KONTEST“.

To support the cause #Unite2FightCorona, All our earnings from the event would be forwarded to the various government and non-government organizations supporting vaccination to the underprivileged kids in India. To encourage the community, participate in this contest, and join our mission towards a covid-free world.

Stay Strong & Vaccinate!!!

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  • Harsha Choudhary

    This is a great initiative. Need more such events to help our country.

  • Nikita Mahato

    It’s essential to get vaccinated and avoid the rumours surrounding the topic. A COVID free world is what we looks forward to by helping everybody get vaccinated! 🤞🏻

  • Sejal Singh

    Prevention is better than cure! Great article!

  • Pritisha Choudhary

    This is a great initiative that have been taken by the government to make our country a covid-free nation.

  • Priyanka

    Fighting misinformation around the idea of vaccination is what will keep us safe!

  • Minal Patil

    Great initiative

  • Shruti Singh

    very informative

  • rgaming98

    It is very important for one to know this information! And the initiative that you guys have taken up is a very good deed. Keep going! Love From Mumbai!

  • Nehal Bhatnagar

    Valuable information and the goal should be to get vaccinated.

  • Vivaan

    Getting vaccinated can decrease the chances of hospitalization and requirement of supplementation of oxygen with more chances of recovery at-home.

  • Soham

    From vaccine we will gain immunity against corona

  • Kartikey

    Nice article and great initiative!!
    Our country needs many more such events to create awareness and get people vaccinated.

  • Sakshi

    Great Article 👍🏼

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