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YOGA: The essential habit for a peaceful body & mind

Yoga is a group of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines which originated in ancient India. It comes in one of the six schools of Hindu philosophical tradition. There is large variety of yoga schools, practices across the world.

In the western world “Yoga” is known as modern form of exercise, consisting mainly of the postures. Yoga was likely to develop as systematic study around the 5th and 6th century. Following the success of Swami Vivekananda in the late 19th and 20th century, Yoga gurus from India later introduced yoga to the West. Overseas, it has developed into a physical exercise, relaxation technique and stress-relief. Yoga has its own metaphysics epistemology and ontology and is also related to Hindu philosophy as the major orthodox schools of Hinduism are also called Yoga. In Hindu mythology Yoga has been defined in different ways in various Indian philosophical and religious traditions.

In the famous SHRI BHAGAVAD GITA it is defined as “Be equal minded in both success and failure. Such equanimity is called yoga.” In LINGA PURANA it is defined as “By the word ‘yoga’ is meant Nirvana, the condition of Shiva.”

The ultimate goal of Yoga is considered to be Moksha (liberation). According to the studies, Spiritually Yoga is also considered to be the technique of controlling the mind and the body. Yoga is a meditative means of overcoming it to release any suffering, find salvation and inner peace. It is considered to be the path to enlightened consciousness and enabling one to comprehend the illusive and true reality. Since ancient time Yoga is considered to be the major part of Yogis and Gurus life as they attain control on their mind and body by the practice of Yoga, as in Indian religions Yoga is considered to be the meditation-driven means to liberation.

Yoga came in notice of an educated western public in mid-19th century along with other Indian philosophies. In today’s world it is also called as “Modern Yoga Renaissance” by the western people as they blend it with the western style gymnastics. In starting there were very few postures but with time the practice of yoga extended to a great extent. Now yoga has become so popular worldwide that it is now considered to be the multi-billion dollar business, involving certification of teacher, classes, videos, books and equipment.  The impact of postural yoga on human mind and body has become the topic of systematic studies, by giving evidence that regular practice of yoga reduces stress and low back pain. And it also improves the functioning of body and mind.

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In today’s hectic life yoga has proved to be an ultimate solution to obtain a happy and healthy lifestyle. According to the studies it is proved that people who have adapted the habit of doing yoga regularly are more fit physically and mentally than people who don’t do yoga in their day to day life. In today’s life when people lead such a hectic life while facing numerous health problems one should adapt yoga in daily life as it benefits human body in various ways such aspeople suffering from back pain problem can practice Trikonasana as it helps to improve flexibility of the spine and relieves from backache. To correct the bad body posture one should practice Tadasanaregularly; to calm the mind one should practice Adhomukha Svanasana. Yoga not just improves backache or bad body posture it also helps in good digestion and improves respiratory problems.

In today’s ongoing situation after the outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19 the life of people across the world has standstill due to the preventive measures imposed by the Government officials across the world in order to restrict the further transmission of the disease in the community like restricted public gatherings, closure of schools offices and universities leading to complete lockdown situation. During this time, the degree of fear, concern and worry are inducing in people to a great extent. In mental health terms, the psychological impact on people was elevated in the number of cases of stress and anxiety.

The new measures imposed by the Government during the pandemic outbreak especially, quarantine effected the people most as it change the whole scenario of daily routine and livelihood, which lead to levels of depression, loneliness, harmful drug use and alcohol and suicidal behavior were also expected to rise. Studies proved that people suffering from psychological problems should adapt the habit of doing Yoga regularly as it helps to attain inner-peace and calms one mind. As people suffering from psychological problem are not getting the required help due to the pandemic, in that case, yoga can prove to be quiet beneficial.

The kind of life we are leading right now, with situation of restricted travel, shortage of day to day material and resources due to the pandemic and continuous flow of negative news all the time are adding to increase anxiety stress level among the people. Being restricted to our homes all the time can be mentally challenging. Apart from staying connected to the family and friends and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pandemic, it is important to keep your mental health in check, and for that Yoga has proved to be quiet beneficial not just for healthy body but also to keep the mind calm in this stressful situation.

At home, Yoga is the best form of mental, physical and spiritual practice. Practice of yoga regularly keeps you away from mental issues and severe health disease. Yoga is the only form of exercise which is considered to be an all-rounder exercise which can take of your mind, body and soul at the time along with breathing and meditation. Some of the most effective asana are Tadaasana, Veerbadrasana, Trikonasana and most important SuryaNamskar. Yoga is a form of exercise which can be practice by the people of all age group. Even in schools also the authorities are gradually adding yoga as a subject to inculcate the value of regular practice of yoga among the students by making them understand the importance and benefits of yoga in life. As by inculcating the habit of practicing yoga among children from early age can prevent them from number of severe diseases in the future, because the kind of harmful environment in which we are living as it has air pollution, water pollution and disturbed ecosystem it is important to inculcate good and healthy habits in our children and ourselves to be prevented from harmful disease and mental problems and yoga is the only healthy and easy way to it.

As today’s generation is more into electronic gadgets and indoor games which is leading to the problem of obesity in children from a very young age. Yoga has proved to be the cure of it. Not only for kids but the old age people should also do yoga regularly to prevent themselves from severe chronic disease. In old age people the problem of weak joints, diabetes, high blood pressure and improper digestion are occur to be normal yoga can help to cure all these problems, one should definitely inculcate the habit of practicing yoga daily as it is proved to be the key to healthy and peaceful life.

Practice yoga every day and stay connected with us for unlimited free documentaries on yoga and home-gym tips launching soon.

Stay home, Stay Safe!!!

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