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Benefits of properly fitted innerwear

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she needs to make the decision of choosing the kind of innerwear she prefers. Now mostly, women are faced with this decision as they enter adolescence but many women make a critical error in choosing the right kind of innerwear for themselves maybe due to misjudgment or a lack of help.

Choosing the right kind of innerwear is a very important decision for women as wearing the wrong kind of innerwear can lead to serious health problems.

Why should you wear properly fitted innerwear?

Now, wearing ill-fitted innerwear can lead to unnecessary health issues. Wearing the right kind of bra and underwear can have several health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons of wearing properly fitted undergarments:

• Acid reflux

The right kind of bra can prevent acid reflux and indigestion by lifting the bust up and providing support.

• Back, neck & shoulder pain

Incorrect size of innerwear leads to increased pressure on back, neck and shoulder leading to pain. In extreme cases, it can lead to tendonitis and headaches.

• Poor posture

Incorrect innerwear can lead to reduced support for the body and to make up for this reduced support the body tends to slouch forward causing back pain and bending of the spine.

• Difficulty in breathing

An increasingly tight bra can lead to increased pressure on the diaphragm which can negatively impact breathing.

• Chafing

Incorrect size of bras can lead to strap slippage and chafing of the underarms and pits. This occurs due to the fact that the cups may be too huge causing the wire of the bra to sit way below your armpit.

• Stomach bulge

An ill fitted bra can lead to bulging of the stomach which may affect your overall appearance.

• Ligament damage

There can be damage to the Coopers tissue due to increased pressure on the breast tissue due to the small size of the cups. Increase damage can occur to the breast tissue while exercising as well leading to tearing of ligaments. The strap can also dig into the skin causing damage to skin tissue as well.

Besides the obvious health benefits mentioned above the right size of innerwear can help you feel more confident as it improves your appearance.

Now, that we’ve looked at the various benefits of wearing inner wear that is the correct fit and size let us look at how to select the correct innerwear for you.

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How to select the correct innerwear for you?

Your innerwear must fit and accentuate what you’re born with. The correct fit of the innerwear is determined by the following factors:

Band size & cup size

Properly measuring yourself is the first steps in determining the correct innerwear for you. It is always preferred to get measured by a professional in a shop but you can always measure yourself at home by a soft tape measure. While cup size is measured in professional shops; at home band size is measured.

Strap adjustment

The strap must be adjusted correctly in order to ensure a proper fit.

How it appears under clothing?

It is very important to check how the bra appears underneath your clothes. You can check how it looks underneath clothes of plain colors like white or cream. The appearance of the innerwear under clothes can have a huge influence on your confidence.

Choosing the appropriate style of bra is highly essential as well. Wearing the right style of bra obviously depends on your lifestyle and your personal choice. While it is a personal decision but certain kinds of styles are beneficial to people with certain lifestyles. The correct style of the bra not only enhances appearance it also blends seamlessly into your daily routine keeping you supported at all times. This is something very important for pregnant women.

How to care for your brassiere?

Now that you’ve found the correct bra for you using the tips given above let us understand how to care for them. The bras should be hand washed or wash them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle to prevent the innerwear from being damaged due to friction. Air drying of innerwear is always preferred which makes the bras last much longer over heat drying as it leads to increased wear and tear of the innerwear which can cause the material to get stretched.

Selecting the correct innerwear can be overwhelming given the number of choices available in the market but hopefully this article helps you make the right decision for yourself.

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