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18 thoughts on “Mental Health & Well-being

  1. Rajada Chitale says:

    I totally agree with you.Especially point 4. I practice point 1 n 3.

    1. Anushka says:

      After all the gloomy news that we are encountering everywhere, this is such a positive delight! It’s a great read! Will definitely recommend this article to others! 🙂

  2. Minal says:

    What a good read! Well written?

    1. Savni Virkar says:

      Well written, definitely a good read in these uncertain times!

  3. Manda Hegde says:

    Nice and positive thoughts

  4. Sandeep Shrikhande says:

    Good. Keep writing Niharika

  5. Gourav Singh says:

    Nicely written. Indeed we need a well elaborated thought where we divert ourselves from what negative is spread all around.

    Good one.

  6. Anil Kumar says:

    Very few speak of this real remedy. Mind control body,we know it but when crisis comes, we try and impose remedies that are other way round and inappropriate.
    Good thoughts by young writer.

  7. Sneha Sohani says:

    Nicely put ?? Positivity can go a long way in curing a patient as well as their relatives who too need such support

  8. Koshy George says:

    Well written and well researched. I feel your point No.1, music, is the best tonic. It relaxes an anxious mind. As regards social media and news, definitely majority gives scarry picture, but some motivational and inspiring video and news have appeared to tackle covid. So look out for good ones. Family support beats all five. A little spiritual nourishment also gives positive energy.

  9. Shobha Kamath says:

    Good job Niharika?
    Especially music and mantras soothe our soul..
    Your blog will really help in these challenging times.

  10. Bhagyashree says:

    Good read! Needed at the hour! Kudos Niharika!

  11. Sunil says:

    Nicely narrated

  12. Geeta says:

    Good written. I like yr points especially point 1 i.e.Music. Music gives us energy. Well done. Our country need youth like u.

  13. Sayali Hemant Thite says:

    Very well penned thoughts Niharika! Such a positive read?Keep writing!

  14. Anuradha Anand says:

    Very nice Niharika especially point 2 which included all other points. Keep it up ??

  15. Aditya says:

    Nicely written Niharika.
    Very relevant in the current situation

  16. Megala says:

    After all the gloomy news that we are encountering everywhere, this is such a positive delight! It’s a great read! and the intention of nutrition gummies is to bring “peace of mind” to everyone I will definitely recommend this article to others

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