Claustrophobia and its impact in lockdown…

Claustrophobia is a fear of being trapped. It is an anxiety disorder. While most of the time claustrophobia is understood to be fear of being in closed spaces it can also be triggered in a crowded public space. The feeling of being trapped or having no escape generally triggers it. Claustrophobic people tend to avoid lifts or crowded alleys then how would they be coping with being stuck inside their houses for the past six months of lockdown.

While most of us are complaining about being bored cooped up in the house some people also faced their fears every day as the lockdown extended. We feel trapped in our houses because of the lack of social interaction. Add the fear of being trapped in this situation and it is the perfect recipe for a healthcare disaster. Based on the intensity of the phobia one can experience panic attacks, breathlessness, or nausea recurrence. It can not only affect your mental well-being but can also affect you physically.

In times where being in your best health is necessary for both yourself and your loved ones; one cannot afford to lose themselves in their fear. It would not be easy but this curse of a situation for claustrophobics can be turned into a boon. Consider getting help pinpointing the cause of the fear and eventually overcome it.

What better chance would you get to get over the fear of being trapped, than being trapped in your own home?

Stay Home, Stay safe!!!

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