Turmeric powder

Turmeric milk: How it helps in building immunity?

Most of us make faces at the mention of milk. It gets even worse if your mother is making you drink Turmeric milk. Despite the usual coaxing by our mothers of how it would make us stronger, we avoided it as much as possible. It is only now when a strong immunity is our body’s only defense against the Corona virus that these words are coming back to us.

Turmeric gets its yellow color from a compound present in it called curcumin. It is a natural anti-oxidant. It reduces the chances of getting diseases including cancer. Along with that it also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-allergic properties. Turmeric milk has been prevalent as a medicine for sore throat and the common cold. The nutrition of milk along with medical properties of turmeric it also acts as an anti-ageing tonic. In addition to these turmeric milk or golden milk is also very beneficial for joint and bone issues.

Turmeric powder

So many uses of one simple drink. Now one might wonder why they ever said no to this drink. The taste may be a bit strong but nothing a spoonful of honey cannot fix.

Consult medical experts if you are lactose intolerant and they would prescribe the best alternative as per your taste, habits and budget.

Stay home, Stay safe!!!

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