social distancing

What is social distancing and why should we should maintain it?

Social, also called physical distancing, as per Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is defined as maintaining a safe distance between you and the members not from your household both outdoors and indoors, ideally, a distance of 6 feet (2 arm’s length) should be maintained between the two people.

What does social distancing include?

Social distancing mainly consists of avoiding or minimizing physical contact with others in order to minimize spread of COVID-19. It includes the following:

  1. Avoiding trips to crowded places like markets, malls, etc. for non – essential services.
  2. Staying away from large crowded gatherings like concerts, weddings, religious ceremonies, etc.
  3. Avoiding working in huge office buildings.
  4. Minimizing travelling in local transport facilities like trains, metros, buses, etc.
  5. Keeping children, elderly people and people with weakened immunities due to pre-existing conditions from going outdoors frequently.
  6. Avoiding going to gyms, cinema halls, etc.
  7. Avoid touching, hugging etc. in crowded places.

Why should you practice social distancing?

With no curative drug treatment available in the market and vaccines still undergoing various stages of clinical trials social distancing is the only weapon in our arsenal to curb the spread of Corona virus. Effective and sincere practice of social distancing norms will prevent a sharp spike in the number of cases seen of Corona virus thus reducing or at least preventing the addition of increased pressure on our medical facilities and staff.

Social distancing will help “flatten the curve”, slowing the rate of spread of the disease allowing the hospitals and doctors to provide the necessary treatment to all the patients in their care.

You are also advised to stay quarantined if you are feeling ill and go for a medical check-up. You can also contact the doctors online from the comfort of your home.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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