Covid Phobia

COVID phobia might HAUNT you before COVID really does!

The novel corona virus has taken a serious toll over the world, and few countries especially like India & USA are immensely affected. Evidence shows that a lot of people with coronavirus— particularly young, seemingly healthy people— don’t have symptoms but can still spread the virus. That’s why the most important thing that almost all people can do now for making a positive difference is to practice social distancing.

Covid Phobia

But social distancing also comes with its risks. Humans are social animals. Isolation and loneliness can stimulate our anxiety and fear and even impact our physical health. That’s why it’s important to stay connected and reach out for support to our friends and family to overcome fear.

Make it a priority to remain in contact with friends and family. If you tend to withdraw when depressed or anxious, believe scheduling a regular phone, chat, or Video chat dates to counteract that tendency.

While in-person visits are limited, substitute video chatting is available. Face-to-face contact is sort of a “vitamin” for your psychological health, reducing your risk of depression and helping ease stress and anxiety. Don’t hesitate to cut off contact from people who turn on your anxiety and fear and log out of social media platforms if it’s making your fear worse. Don’t let coronavirus dominate every conversation. It’s important to take breaks from stressful thoughts about the pandemic to easily enjoy each other’s company—to laugh, share stories, and concentrate on other things happening in our lives.


Don’t be afraid!

It’s best to take some precautions, but still, believe that everything’s going to be fine!! Connect to our team of highly trained medical experts from around the world if you need medical assistance from the comfort of your home.

Stay Connected, Stay Safe!!!

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