Neuro-rehabilitation for paralysis patients

Neurological disorders like paralysis are one of the leading ailments among chronic disorders. Paralysis is the partial or complete loss of muscle function in the body. This occurs when the passage of messages between the brain and the muscles is defective.

Currently, there is no cure for paralysis. In some cases, control returns on its own but some cases require treatment and rehabilitation to prevent further worsening. This enables the paralyzed person to live a more independent life.

Repetition is key to recovery from paralysis.

For quick recovery, patients need to be consistent with the following-

  • Aim for high repetition
  • Move your paralyzed limb through full range of motion
  • Focus on achieving small goals gradually

Some rehabilitation treatments for paralysis are-

  • Physical therapy- physiotherapy, heat, massage
  • Mobility aids- wheelchairs
  • Supportive devices– canes, walkers
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Occupational therapy

The rehabilitation team assesses the person’s suitability, amount and type of rehabilitation that the person can manage. Family and well-wishers should be involved to make way towards remarkable recovery.

Maximum return of function can be achieved in the very first few months after the incidence of paralysis and thus it is advisable-

‘Sooner the Better’

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