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The importance of good running shoes

"Our running shoes have magic in them, the power to transform a bad day into a good day; frustration into speed; self-doubt into confidence; chocolate cake into muscle."

This is one of the best quotations which simply tell us that a good running routine with suitable running shoes can lead to a healthy and happy life. Also, if you’re a runner or workout freak, then you need to know the importance of choosing the best pair of shoes for your running. Without comfort, you’ll not be able to run freely. It’s always necessary to wear a pair of sports shoes that feel comfortable and delicate on your feet. Most of the people don’t realize the importance of investing in good shoes especially for running we should prefer running shoes. They end up buying cheap or local shoes that feel hard, uncomfortable and painful. Sometimes, such people use bulky basketball shoes for light running exercises or track events. But at after of the exercise, they feel extreme pain or strains in their feet and legs.

A runner needs usually a lesser number of equipment and kit. But it’s extremely important to have a good quality pair of running shoes. You can’t even imagine how helpful these shoes are, they provide a substantial midsole foot cushioning. Also, wearing the proper pair of shoes ensures that you simply don’t suffer from any, blisters or shoe pinches.

Factors that influence the lifespan of your running shoes


The heavier the runner, the more wear and tear on the shoe. Sounds logical, and it is! .When you consider that the impact of every foot strike is almost equal to 5 times of your weight, then it’s not surprising that each one those kilometers start for taking their toll on your shoes. Which means heavier runners will put more material stress on their shoes than lighter ones.


Your run training isn’t the only thing that ages your running shoes; the weather and oxidation also play their part. Over time the cushioning and stability features will grow weaker even you don’t use your shoes. Just like the tires on your car, the materials of the sole will harden and will not provide maximum support.


A dynamic, light-footed and fast running technique, where the foot only makes brief contact with the ground, puts less stress on your shoes. If the runner’s form is very awkward and not dynamic, he or she is going to pound the ground with his or her entire weight. This puts loads of additional strain on the fabric of the shoes and makes them age faster. This is why you must be aware of your running form and the design for a shoe model that matches your gait.


The surface you run on also influences the wear and tear and tear on your trainers. If the shoes are mainly used on asphalt, the tread and the cushioning system then they are are going to be worn down. On the other hand, if you run on soft, springy forest trails, there won’t be much sign of wear and tear on your soles because the cushioning effect of the ground surface will soften the impact and relieve several strains on the shoe. “Nowadays you’ll find a model for every type of surface. The market offers a suitable shoe for every terrain from Very light racing shoes for very high speeds to sturdy trail shoes for off-road running. So you must know what type of terrain you intend to run on after you go to buy your shoes.


Choosing the proper shoe size is additionally important for maintaining the complete functionality of the shoe. Your foot expands because it makes contact with the ground because of the pressure of your weight. If you select a shoe that’s too small or fits exactly, you run a risk of stretching the seams. That’s why you must buy a shoe one size bigger than your ordinary shoe. There should be a thumb’s width between the tip of your big toe and seam of your shoe. Your foot needs this much space to roll without hitting the tip of your shoe.

Benefits of investing in good running shoes

Midsole foot cushioning

One of the foremost significant advantages of wearing good running shoes is that the midsole cushioning that they provide the space between the heel and ball of the foot is called as the mid-sole. The American College of medicine believes that high-quality running shoes help in lowering the strain on ankles, heels and also the heel while running. You’ll be able to enjoy the activity and feel safer. the suitable cushioning that these shoe offer can help in lowering back and hip pain, knee pain, and so on. The most function of those shoes is to enhance and enhance the mechanics of a body.

Prevention of Injury

A decent pair of shoes helps in preventing injuries during workout sessions and running. You’ll be glad after knowing that your shoe can protect you from joint pain, tendinitis and stress fractures. Your feet will be safe from any scrapes and cuts. The outsole protection of these types of shoes can help in reducing the possibilities of feet injury.

Arch support

If you prefer to participate in a regular exercise routine, then the support of arc is important for you. If you invest in good shoes, they’re going to provide you with substantial support to the arc. Athletes or runners who have flat feet should consult an exercise physiologist or a physiotherapist for getting recommendations for suitable kind of shoes for running. Thus, runners having flat feet can also get great benefits from the support (arc support).

Running shoes

Enhancement in athletic performance

If you wish to boost your athletic performance, then ensure buying a pair of good quality running shoes. There are several factors, for example, improvement in running capacity, a better level of comfort, etc. That helps in enhancing your athletic performance. If you’re a competitive runner, then wearing good running shoes is always must. You can’t overlook their significance. Even if you’re not a competitive runner, then to you’ll reap the advantages of running shoes.

No blister and shoe bites

Wearing any shoe while running or exercising will make your feet sore. Inappropriate and unwieldy shoes can cause pain in your feet and legs after a workout session or running. You’ll develop blisters on your feet. There could also be shoe bites which make it difficult to participate in further workouts. So, we must invest in a pair of good running shoes to avoid pain, scratches, discomfort, shoe bites or blisters. Your feet will feel relaxed and thank you.

How to buy a suitable pair of running shoes?

Which shoes will be apt for you depends on pronation. Pronation means the degree to which your feet rotate while running. Some runners have a high level of pronation, while others have a comparatively low level of pronation. You simply have to visit a store which deals exclusively in running shoes. The knowledgeable staff there will assist you in choosing the most effective pair of running shoes. Also, you’ll take the help of machine test in such stores to understand the kind of your feet and buy shoes accordingly.

So, the most effective part of wearing high-quality shoes for running is that they suit your foot perfectly. They going to snug your foot completely and will provide you much comfortable feel. After wearing good quality shoes, you’ll notice that your feet feel lighter while running and when you will feel comfortable in running you may be able to give your performance without any fear of injury. Now that you simply know the advantages of investing for a pair of good quality running shoes don’t make any more delay. Always buy a suitable pair of running shoes and get set go!!!

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