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Do I need to visit an endocrinologist?

Diabetes also referred to as Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that leads to high blood sugar due to insufficient insulin in the body. Chronic diabetes is of two types: Type 1 and Type II. Whereas less severe conditions are called pre-diabetes (high blood sugar but not as high as diabetes) and gestational diabetes (seen in pregnant women).

Facing any of the problems?
  1. Increased urination/urine volume (polyuria)
  2. Increased thirst (polydipsia)
  3. Increased hunger (polyphagia)
  4. Frequent skin infection
  5. Dry mouth (hypo salivation)
  6. Rampant dental caries
  7. Delayed wound healing
  8. Neuritis
  9. Burning of tongue
  10. Burning of urination
  11. Muscle fatigue/unexplained tiredness
  12. Blurred vision

While the causes of diabetes are unknown identifying the risk factors can help prevent the diseases.

Following are the conditions placing you at higher risk of diabetes
  • Hereditary factors: Having a family history of diabetes places you at a higher risk of diabetes.
  • Lifestyle factors: A sedentary lifestyle with no physical activity places you at a higher risk. Thus, physical activity and exercise are very important.
  • Age: People with age over 45 years old have a higher chance of developing diabetes.
  • Weight: Being overweight or obese places you at a higher risk of diabetes.
  • Race / Ethnicity: Certain populations such as African Americans, Asian populations are more susceptible to diabetes than others.
  • High Blood Pressure

Visit a doctor immediately if you are facing any of the problems. You can also consult a doctor online and discuss your condition from the comfort of your home

Stay Home, Stay safe!!

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