Hacking your brain functions during sleep

“Hacking your brain”, just the sound of that is scary right?

Makes you picture teeny tiny robots just walking around up there controlling you and pulling at the strings. Fear not! Brain hacking isn’t actually as dangerous as it seems. So, the next logical question is:

What is brain hacking?

Brain hacking is by definition “the use of techniques and technologies that affect the cognitive processes, mental state or the level of the function.” They are used in a variety of settings right from personal development to employee wellness initiatives. They include many brain centered approaches like meditation, attention, and memory training. It seeks to increase cognitive efficacy and overall happiness. Hacking into your brain while you’re asleep connects unrelated ideas allowing you to solve any problems wracking your brain. Studies have shown that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is the most effective in improving creativity. Brain hacking focuses on activating your intrinsic recognition system which is the one that is responsible for enhancing creativity.

Brain hacking depends largely on how primed and ready your brain is to respond to such a process. So, optimizing your sleep is essential. There are many things you can do before sleeping to ensure a completely relaxed state of mind:

Always read before bed

Learning something new before going to bed usually gets your creative juices flowing. It allows you to just let your imagination run free. Maybe that book you’re reading right now may just give you the gift of a new idea in the morning.

Question yourself. Challenge yourself

Now, if there is a specific problem that you’re trying to solve then it is important to focus on that one thing before going to bed. Force yourself to try and find an answer to the problem you’re stuck at. This will trigger your brain and steer the intrinsic system in the right direction. It can get down to the task of solving that problem for you.

Sleep and fantasy

Ask yourself? Are you dreaming?

What we mean by this is to encourage lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a state of the mind in which the mind recognizes the fact that it is in a dream state. Lucid dreaming allows you to go back into a particular dream and solve the puzzle that’s been plaguing you. Think Christopher Nolan’s Inception. In this movie, all the characters are aware of the fact that they are dreaming which allows them to enter and leave dreams after they have solved their problem. Obviously, to get to such a state there is a lot of practice and training of the mind required. One of the ways to train your mind to recognize whether or not it is dreaming is to constantly ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” even when you’re awake so that it remembers to do the same even when you’re sleeping.

Now you’ve seen what you can do to prep yourself. So, let’s see what hacking your sleep actually involves. Here’s all you can do:

Use Technology

As we’ve already established that REM sleep is important to enhance creativity; you can make use of various sleep tracking apps that track your movements during sleep which allows you to determine what part of your sleeping cycle needs work. REM sleep is essential for creative problem-solving. Non – REM sleep or deep sleep is also an essential part of you feeling healthy and rested and sometimes, just that does the trick.

The temperature of the room

When you sleep your body is cooler than when you’re awake so the right temperature of your surroundings really allows you to have the best sleep possible. 18 degrees Celsius is often considered the best possible temperature for the most optimal sleep. Having a good night’s sleep can boost efficiency, creativity, memory, and overall happiness.

Supplement your sleep

Obviously, sleeping pills are not a preferred route to supplement your sleep in the long run. So the next best thing to do is to supplement your sleep with foods. There are many melatonin rich foods available in all our kitchens like banana and milk. It is always advisable to avoid foods high on refined carbs as they increase awareness.

No Scrolling!

All of your electronic devices emit blue light which increases your awareness and reduces your quality of sleep. So, make it a point to stop using all electronic devices 1 hour before your bedtime.

It all seems very far-fetched and impossible. But, rest assured, it is very possible. All you need to do is make small changes every day keeping all these tips in mind and you’ll soon get there!

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