Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance: A growing concern…

Antibiotics are drugs which tend to kill disease-causing bacteria and are being used over the past seventy years to treat patients with bacterial infections. However, over recent decades, scientists have noticed a growing and dangerous threat to human health: antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance can be said as the development of resistance power to antibiotic medicines by disease-causing bacteria. The extensive and prolonged use of antibiotics within society has resulted in adaptations in infectious bacteria, rendering them resistance for antibiotics. These bacteria are neither killed nor controlled by these drugs and are instead capable to withstand their effects and still reproduce in their presence. Consequently, it becomes increasingly difficult to treat bacterial infections, since the bacteria causing these infections are capable of tolerating and combat the antibiotics that patients take.

Antibiotic Resistance

For even simple problems like sinusitis, cough, cold people take antibiotics and even medical shops sell many powerful antibiotics over the counter without a required prescription. The condition is so pathetic that for problems caused by viral infections, antibiotics are used unabashedly. Already multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis and several other cancers are posing threat to public health in many countries and doctors are suggesting for awareness in people and regulating and strictly implementing the sale of and administering of antibiotics to curb the deadly menace.

The (World Health Organization) WHO currently classifies antibiotic resistance as of the most important threats to global health. If worldwide efforts to stop its spreading don’t soon emerge, then human survival may be in danger. Also, it has been said that it may be a very serious public health threat because these bacteria are growing resistant for antibiotics and they could spread very easily, and if we do not have drugs to treat them, we’re in trouble!!!!

Stay aware and consult a doctor from the comfort of your home and choose the best medication suiting your needs.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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