Why does prostate cancer spread?

The very word is enough to send shivers down your spine. Getting a diagnosis from your doctor can be one of the scariest and daunting things one may ever have to face. Now we’ve all heard that cancer spreads right? So, the next question to ask is why? 

Why the cancer spreads?

Once the scary disease, cancer gets detected, your doctor may decide the correct treatment option for you. Many times, cancer may not spread immediately and the doctor may prescribe active surveillance which is used for patients whose cancer is expected to spread slowly. Active surveillance would involve you getting regular MRIs, biopsies, etc. to check the progress of cancer.

Another treatment option is watchful surveillance which is used for patients who have relatively serious conditions that prevent them from getting any radiation treatment. The downside to this form of treatment is that cancer can also spread in-between visits.

The other major reason for spread can be irregular radiations and check-ups, which makes the patient more susceptible to spreads. So, you are always advised not to miss any treatment appointments.

In case you miss two or more appointments of radiation, you can be at a much greater risk than patients who are regular with all their check-ups.

Often, cancer is diagnosed at a later stage when it has progressed to a more advanced stage.

In such rare cases, there’s very little a doctor can do to stop the spread which is where tests such as prostate-specific antigen (PSA) come into the effect. It allows the early detection of prostate cancers giving your doctor an extra window of time to design a treatment plan that is best suited for you. While such tests are available there have been widespread debates about when the men should get tested; many professionals recommend getting tested as soon as a male human adult turn 50 while others have given a much broader range between the years 55-69. Getting regular physical examinations and being up to date with your check-ups gives you a much better chance of detecting cancer early. Thus, monitoring its spread and the progress of the treatment.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be tough but remember that there is help available and there are people who are trained and equipped to help you. You must be vigilant so that you can beat cancer early. If you see any symptoms that seem suspicious then you are advised to seek professional help instead of ignoring it and hoping it would go away.

You can consult with our panel of expert professionals instantly to detect the probable symptoms and get the initial diagnosis done. Remember,


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