Substance abuse: From narcotics to medicines

It is common knowledge that drugs are not good for a person’s health. Yet Cocaine, Marijuana, cigarettes, and such are making profits in their sale every year. The reason for this is addiction or substance abuse. Yes, there is a difference between the two. Addiction is being dependent on the drug. Substance abuse refers to realizing that it is the root cause of problems but not being able to control the urge. Addicts don’t usually realize that their habits are not good for their health.

Recognizing abuse can easily be done by a little introspection. If your hobbies start to disinterest you or you feel a strain in your relationships with family and friends caused by the habits of smoking or intake of drugs then it is a case of substance abuse. Do remember that the list includes cigarettes which despite the warning on its packet are widely purchased. It is often overlooked as smoking has been a much more accepted habit than consuming drugs but it is just as harmful as them.

It might look difficult to overcome this but all you have to do is ask for help. There are specialists working to help people get over drugs or any other substance you are hooked on to. The best start would be talking to your family and friends about wanting to change. Mending relationships would help a lot with the overall process, so will their support.

Speak to our highly trained counselors if you need expert assistance to handle such issues.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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