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How to stay hydrated?

We are always fussing about our weight, muscles, or fitness. Constantly changing diets to achieve a certain figure to fit a particular dress or show off on the beach. If not any of these then at least to be in the social parameters of beautiful or sexy. We try anything and everything, from eating eggs daily to drinking some bitter-tasting juice. While maintaining these strict diet regimes we often forget another important component of our diet, water.

Water is essential for our body to function properly. Our body is about 60% water. While the need for water varies from person to person an average of 4 liters of water must be consumed by an adult. Staying hydrated could avoid various health problems beforehand like low blood pressure, acne, etc. Usually, women require lesser water consumption than men, though it need not be necessarily true.

Why we require water?

Water plays an important role in making various body functions to work smoothly. It regulates our body temperature. In a hot climate, we perspire profusely to prevent overheating. Water helps in eliminating body waste through urine. Water also helps in the digestion process. Saliva is a 90% water mix with digestive enzymes. It also helps to break down the food into needed components.

Water is used in our body for the smallest of functions like cell multiplication to protecting our most vital organs like the brain and spinal cord. Cells have water as their major constituent. It helps a cell to grow and multiply. In the case of brain and spinal cord, it acts as a shock absorber. The brain is suspended in water which protects it from getting damaged on impact. Water is also found as a lubricant in our joints, allowing free movement of our limbs.

Therefore, insufficient water consumption may lead to several health problems.

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Signs of Dehydration

We often tend to forget to drink water till our throats are parched or we have completed a long run. Apart from this, there are a few other signs which tell us that we need to drink more water. One of the most obvious ones is that the color of urine darkens and the odor intensifies. Other signs include dry skin, fatigue, persistent bad breath, sugar craving, and constipation.

Poor health or repetitively falling ill is also a sign of insufficient water intake. Since the body lacks water to eliminate some of its waste, it coagulates in the body making us sick. Water is also responsible for the transport of oxygen in the body and taking the carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be breathed out. Hence, increased levels of carbon dioxide also affect our health greatly.

Staying Hydated!!!

Now that we have gone through the functions of water in our body and the effects of dehydration, the question remains:

How to stay hydrated?

The obvious answer would be to keep drinking water throughout the day. The problem lies with actually remembering to drink enough water. One of the solutions to this problem could be keeping a water bottle on your study/work table. This way every time you look at it you remember to drink water. After a few days, you get into the habit and won’t need any reminders. Similarly, you can drink water when you feel hungry while following some diet-plan. Water makes you feel full and therefore helps in a healthy weight-loss.

Some do not like the taste of plain water. For them, they could add a slice of lemon or mint leaves. This is a much healthier option than having cold drinks or energy drinks. It also helps freshen up on a hot summer day. In addition to that lemon water is beneficial to people with a deficiency of vitamin C. Vitamin C comes with its benefits of a better immune system. It also helps in improving eye health and skin health. Cancer and cardiovascular diseases may also be avoided by an added intake of vitamin C with water. It may serve as a motivation to consume water at regular intervals.

There are various methods to remember drinking water, from making a schedule for it to leaving yourself notes everywhere you look but none would be more effective than one. Understanding all the health benefits it will bring you. They strive to be healthy is more than that to be hydrated even though they are interlinked. One would always be inclined to avoid diseases like cancer, tumors, and such but always ignore basics like skin or oral health. This is why we forget to drink water but remember to take the daily dose a health drink. If one realizes the bigger picture of the advantages of staying hydrated there is a slim chance of them forgetting to drink water!

That said it is important to understand that our body knows what is best for it. Hence, while it is mentioned that average water consumption should be around four liters it is not a compulsion. Everybody has different needs and according to the water intake required may vary. It is important to understand that one must not ignore the need for water. At the same time, one must not force oneself to drink. Realize your body’s needs and decide accordingly.

Speak to the highly trained professionals in case you need expert advice.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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