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Healthy habits while working from home

While working from home is a natural phenomenon for some of us, in the light of the pandemic, it has become a norm for most professionals. The best part of this is, of course, getting ample time to spend with self and family. But, do you know about the disadvantages, that is, in terms of health, and how to solve these problems? Let’s have a look.

1. Physical exercise

Sitting in front of the computer all day every day may lead to nerve disorders, loss of vision, obesity to name a few. So, what’s the solution? Physical exercises. Go for a walk (not in a crowd, of course), practice yoga and meditation, ride a bicycle. Get some physical work done too!

2. Eat healthy

Working from home gives you time to look after yourself. No need to snack on pizzas and burgers now! Stock your kitchen with some veggies today!

3. Take Breaks

Don’t sit in front of gadgets for long hours. Take frequent breaks to walk around the house, and look somewhere else. You need to take good care of your eye too!

4. Mix up hours

If your job allows, divide your daily work hours uniformly throughout the day. Don’t work for long continuously.

5. Get a Suitable Chair

You need to maintain your posture too to avoid back aches! Get a nice chair for office work and set up your room like your office.

6. Maintain Proper Routine

Behave as if you have to travel to office. Set an alarm to get up timely, make breakfast and have it on time, take proper lunch hours, go to sleep on time. Working from home doesn’t mean you can mess with your daily routine!

Start following these tips today itself! Why waste time?

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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