Lockdown and Domestic Violence: Physical and Mental Injury

The lockdown has not been the same for all. While some were relieved to take a break from their busy schedule, others lost their jobs, and still others even faced domestic abuse. For them, home is not a safe haven, rather it is one of the most unsafe places one can be in.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence or domestic abuse is a single incident or a series of such incidents which includes maltreatment of a person by someone in his or her family, that is, in a domestic setting. It may include physical abuse, psychological ill-treatment, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, coercive control, and a lot more.

In India and globally, the majority of domestic violence victims are increasingly women since women face more severe types of violence, though the number of male victims are also on the rise.


During the lockdown, people facing domestic violence literally have no place to escape. The word ‘lockdown’ itself indicates ‘being trapped’. There’s no workplace to go to, there’s no friend to speak to, there’s nowhere to go and staying at home with their abusers may feel like a nightmare. Physical abuses may cause injuries like cuts and bruises, broken bones, even complications in pregnancy like miscarriage and stillbirth. Domestic violence also leads to chronic depression and anxiety in the victims and may cause mental instability, insanity and even may lead to suicide.

Now that you have learnt about domestic violence, if you find yourself or anyone else in a similar situation, empower yourself and stand up against it, know the legal rights and help yourself out! Raise your voice to a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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